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Teal Linen Lavender Eye Pillow

Teal Linen Lavender Eye Pillow


Enjoy a heightened state of relaxation with one of our unique and handmade dried lavender and flax seed eye pillows.


Crafted with care, its soft, yet firm weight is designed to naturally fit the contours of your face, providing gentle acupressure to release tension and relax the muscles around the eyes. The weight of the pillow stimulates the body's relaxation reflex, while the natural aroma of the lavender helps to calm the mind, reduce anxiety, and promote a sense of peace.


The lavender has an incredibly strong, pleasing scent that will last for a long time - just roll it between your fingers to revive the fragrance.


You can also enjoy the added benefit of warming or cooling the pillow for a more customizable experience.


Experience the joys of a deep relaxation with one of these luxurious eye pillows!

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